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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday September 24th, 2011

I came into work tonight and was given a spare cab Veterans 2402 from Dugan the day dispatcher. Than Dugan told me Veterans 216 was ready to take that instead. I drove 216 out of the drioveway and it stalled 5 times by the time I got to Mckinnon street. I turned the cab around and brought it back to Dugan and asked for a spare. Dugan than gave me Veterans 2402 again. I drove the car for most of the night and kept smelling a sweet odor which may have been carbon monoxide. Jesus the general manager was told about the sedans and that it hurts my back even more to drive a sedan. I asked him for a reasonable accommodation. Jesus's response "what are you fucking nuts" and started laughing at me. Around 3:30 I was dropping off a young lady up by 24th and Grandview when I started to smell the odor even stronger, to the point it was making my chest burn and my head dizzy. I radioed in to Frank at the Cab Company that I needed a tow truck. Frank told me that I need to drive the fucking car to the garage. I explained to him it was burning and we seen smoke coming from underneath the car.

I did drive the car in fear that it may start a blaze like some other crown vics have done over the years. When I got to the garage I asked for a repair slip form to fill out for the mechanics. I was refused one and instead Frank started yelling at me that I am trouble opening a workers compensation claim and now complaining about the cars, he will get rid of me.

I came home and washed off my face where alot of black soot came off my face onto the towel. I can only imagine how much of this got into my lungs. I was forced to use cars like this for years and now that I asked to go off of work now the retaliation continues.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday September 23rd

I was over at Sugar last night at Hayes and Gough. Kary WHite came by laughing asking me if I was working tonight, and if I was even going to short shift. I told him no I was not able to. He said he was not surprised and mentioned good luck working saturdays too.

Friday September 23rd

I noticed last night a night driver who was hired after me out driving on a friday night. I have been told they can not fulfill my Friday or saturday Shifts because Medallion owners have gone back to work. This is not true. Eddie Ramos was out driving last night and is not a medallion owner. In fact was let go for awhile and recently came back but he is out working on Friday night.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

MAry Mcguire

Mary Mcguire yells at me after asking me if I support the medallions going back to the city. Mary also told me that Dan Hinds told her about my workers compensation case and that it exceeds 50,000. Frank the night dispatcher teams up with her to harass me at work.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday May 15th about 3:00 a.m.

I came in from almost 12 hours of driving last night to be greeted by Frank. Stating "I know how we can get rid of you" "You know we treated you better here than at Veterans". I can only hope that someday when I come in from working I could hear how was your night? Instead of the badgering I have to listen to. When I ask Frank why he says this, he states he is just kidding. There is no indication through a smile or laughter that he is and that he just likes to mess with people.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Medallion Owners Yelling at me today at work

I had two medallion owners upset with me about the insurance issues that I complain about at work. I would like to see taxi drivers having uninsured motorist coverage and being fully insured when behind the wheel of the taxi. Medallion owners would most likely not want this because the costs would be placed on them. However I think if you are going to run a business and hire other drivers you should take care of those drivers by providing insurance.