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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taxi Drivers are like Cotton Pickers in San Francisco, California

I received this interesting email I want to share with everyone today.

Today 3/31 is Cesar Chavez's birthday.
What do cab drivers and Cesar Chavez and the UFW have in common?
Answer we are both share croppers. Yup, pick that ole taxi cotton.
Ever hear of cab driver Richard Edwinson? By random chance or karma years ago after I had heard about Edwinson's state appellate court victory for California cab drivers, I saw this guy flag me at 16th and Potrero.
He was on crutches.
When he got in for some reason I turned around and said, surprising even myself, "Good God, man, what happened to you?
He said he was standing in the cab line at Hilton between two Yellow cabs and one gave way crushing his legs in the bumper of the other.
The old bastard Yellow Cab boss Jimmy Steele denied Edwinson's workers comp claim, but the Court of Appeals reached down and grabbed the case and said it raised a serious public policy question relating to cab drivers and the workers comp statute. Steele then did a u turn and tried to settle the case, but the court of appeals refused citing the overall public policy question of who was going to pay medical bills when poor cab drivers got injured on the job.
The appellate court followed the rule of law announced by the California Supreme Court in the Borello case where the workers had signed similar so-called independent contractor contracts with the boss. The Supreme Court said it could go behind a phony contract to determine the true relationship of the parties.
So taxi drivers were held to be not unlike the share farmers, or share croppers in Borello and were deemed to be employees for purposes of recovery under the state workers comp statute which meant that companies like Yellow had to kick in some bucks for their workers in the field and on the raod. Imagine that!! What a concept. Fair is fair.
Yup, we pick that ole taxi cotton.
Speak'n of pick'n remember you can pick your friends and you can pick you nose but you can't ... uh nevermind, skip it.
Say are we having fun yet and partying on for truth, social and economic justice and the American way or whatever way it really is ... and good for GE ... someday we will get the best tax lawyers money can buy and not have to pay a dime just like GE. Gee.
And speaking of that, how about a book recommendation: "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" by Greg Palast. Does it tell it like it is or what? Check it out sometime ...

Mob Beating at 26th and Mission

Tonight in San Francisco around 2:00 a.m. as the 26 club on Mission Street was closing(intersection of 26 and mission) a mob fight broke out with about 15 - 20 Latinos guys who came out of club 26. Four of the security from the club tried to break up the fight, as I was driving by I called the police to intervene. I witnessed one of the men grabbing a orange and white construction piece and hitting the other man over the head. In addition there were several punches thrown and some wooden clubs used.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Pains are Getting worst from an accident involving a San Francisco Taxi

As many of you know I was driving a taxi last year in April when at the intersection of Minna and 8th street. A car crossing 8th street never stopped or yielded and we made contact at my left corner of my car causing my Taxi to spin. The woman was uninsured and the cab company I work for did not have any uninsured motorist coverage. After almost a year I still am suffering from the injuries occurred at the time of the accident because the workers compensation carrier has been denying all sorts of treatment for my injuries.

Several doctors have requested an MRI of my back, where expected spinal damage could be. My right knee cap is getting worst every day with pain. The Sciatica sometimes cause my legs not to operate in the morning, where I cant even get up out of bed.

My head which hit the front of the cab and the side window because no air bag deployed at the time of the accident and the seat belt locking mechanism broke has been very troublesome for me. One MRI showed white spots of the brain, but the doctor did not want to investigate it any further.

I wonder how much longer I can hold out working with so much pain. Of course I could take pain pills but I drive a taxi and don't think its a great idea because of the side effects of the pain killers. I simply wish those involved helping with this case would have seen I need some time off to heal, but to this date I have only had about two weeks off of work. I still did not receive my initial workers compensation check from my time off.

If you have any suggestions or a possible personal injury lawyer who might help please have them call me at 415-240-2433 or email me at

Dean Clark

San Francisco Taxi in need of repair

Tonight I had to drive a taxi with no Video Camera in it again. When I asked at the garage they told me the camera fell off the windshield. I also wrote the cab up for a faulty exhaust/muffler, and problems with the breaks.

My Sunday cab had no top light which made it difficult to make any money, when I told frank our night dispatcher he laughed and thought it was funny that I could not make any money because of the out of order top light. Still expected a tip after the laugh on my expenser of making only 35 for a twelve hour shift.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crazy Child

When I was a teacher people told me the children are just misunderstood. I have always believed we need to teach the children consequences for their actions early on. I wonder if we gave some children more consequences would this type of behavior stop? The director of one school told me that a child who stabbed a guy in the Mission was misunderstood and the teachers should lie to help the child not get into more trouble. Sorry folks I could not do this. Plus this is one of the schools that SFUSD sends troubled youth.

I told the director the child needed to be placed in jail. The child stabbed the guy 17 times. I also thought that the director of the school should have been put away too for being so misled. Believe it or not I got fired for not being able to lie to help this child.

Cassandra and I had a conversation

Over the years I always have suspected Cassandra of being unethical and somewhat suspicious. I worked with her at the high school and even there she was always offensive and trying to get me in some sort of trouble. Tonight when we spoke on the phone she said she is concerned I might commit suicide because of all the issues arising. I wish I knew what issues she speaks of; is it the guys at the company that hate fags? is it the fact that someone has to feel as though to follow my life and say negative things to people I want to try and be friends with? I wish she would just tell me....... Also I was talking to her about the issue with a bookkeeper I hired a year or so ago who did everything she could to mess up my books and cause problems. Cassandra said that is only one side of the story.

Tonights Dispatcher

We have a man at the taxi Company that appears to think his dispatching is professional and cute. When you take an order from him over the radio there is a delay in getting the address. I would think better efficiency on dispatching would be the key to getting more customers picked up and the need of less taxis on the street. I have talked to Bruce about this and all he says is many think he is a good dispatcher. It is so funny how we can sometimes live in a world of lies.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Came into work on Friday

I came into work on Friday March 25th as instructed to over the phone. When I got there I was told there was no cab for me. I assumed he was joking around. M said whats wrong are you gonna cry and are you gonna report me. I simply was coming into work and wanted to go out. I did get to go out though.

Late Night Dispatcher

Last night while I was working I checked in for an order on Hampshire Street. When I got to the order I said " Ready at 19th and Hampshire". The dispatchers response was you cant even teach the kids, stop being rude and talking when others checked in. The radio was silent when I told him I arrived. I don't think it is very professional for the dispatcher to speak in front of about 90 drivers and whatever customers are in the cab and mention my name. I thought this was over after many years of harrassing me over the radio. This happened about 3:00 a.m.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Frida got sick the other day

Why is it the drivers problem if Frida got sick the other day? This is what I am talking about when I speak of harassment at my own home. It is none of their business what happened to Frida. She had indigestion.

No Apparent Injury

I was told last night by a medallion holder that I dont have an apparent injury from my accident a year ago. and if the workers compensation dont pay for it I should pay for it. Thanks for your comments Mary

John hope you can make the protest

John hope you can make the protest, hang in there we are simply just trying to express our concerns. Sorry I did not know the media names that are coming on Monday when you called yesterday. I am sure we can get a media packet together for the next one.

March 19th

After work last night I come in and Frank immediately tells me that if Mike quits I would be out of a job, because mike is the only one who wants me to work at National.

A little history Frank is the dispatcher who likes to yell at me and other drivers because he might not have pot on any given day. I on several occasions are yelled at him for no reason at all. There should be no reason why a dispatcher yells at people who drive a cab. In addition when I worked as a teacher and ran for District 6 Supervisor he would make comments over the dispatch radio in a rude and obnoxious fashion. If someone doe not like a person they don't need to harass them over the dispatch radio so other drivers and passengers can hear. Yes he would use my full name as he did this.


I met Danielle one night driving a cab and dropped him off at work. We had a long conversation about friends and getting to know one another and talked about going out for a beer and playing pool. Sometimes we meet intersting people when we are working like Mundo and Edwardo. Its funny though they change over time with consistency and pattern. They all seem like they would like to get me fired from my taxi job.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cornering an illegal taxi

I worry about Peter wanting to corner an illegal taxi and calling the police. I am afraid acts like this will not look good on taxi drivers. I dont want to do it, but he still tries when I talk to him.


Why are the dispatchers and other drivers worried about being recorded if they are doing nothing wrong?

Threatned to go to jail

I was told by a dispatcher that while I was running for office, if I spoke up about the taxi industry that I would be put in jail.

March 15th Pains!

Another rainy cold night my back spinal area was in so much pain I had to leave early and go home and rest. I was told if I ever had difficulties working when in pain I could go home and only be charged for the hours I worked. Since the accident that has never occurred. Whenever I ask the dispatchers they say they know nothing about it.

Camera Not working in my cab

I know the cameras were installed to protect the drivers (HAHA) we all know why they were installed. Well when I went to my usual cab for Sundays shift the battery was low and would not start, so I had to drive 2975. Another cab with fumes and no operating camera to help protect me while I drive. This was on Sunday March 13th.

Work March 15th

I found it quite interesting when I came into work on Tuesday March 15th, that Dan came out while I was getting into my cab and said he just read the article Jon Han produced. He asked me if I told John we do not have Workers Compensation at National. I told him no does it say that, I will need to speak to John about that. After speaking to John we went over the article and I could not find where it says National does not have Workers Compensation.

The article is located here:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ganged up on at work as San Francisco Taxi Driver

Over the years of working for this cab company. I have felt ganged up on in many ways.

While employed as a teacher and going to school for my Masters and credential. I had experienced lots of comments coming over the dispatch radio about my teaching and the disapproval of a gay man teaching in public schools. In addition, many drivers including dispatch engaged in obtaining information of where I worked and tried to be buddy buddy with me to get the information. Needless to say I am not working for the District anymore and even tried to work at a couple more schools after. As soon as I was able to find another job at a school. People who work at the cab company wanted to know the name of the school and the location. As soon as the others found out I started to have problems at those new schools. Is it coincidence or harassment?

It does appear as many at work do not like me and in fact hate me. That is why I have experienced attacks by other workers and including damage to my own vehicle. Everything was fine at the company until they found out I was gay which I never disclosed. I don't understand why professionalism can not be practiced by others I work with instead of threats, and damage to my vehicle. Why they choose to speak about someone they hate to others is very immature and has expanded the hate towards me at work to the extent that there is no one at work I can really talk to. I am being watched and noticed when new drivers begin to work at the company and I am seen speaking with them, others who hate me take note and make it a point to speak to them. The conversations will be going along fine for a couple of times and then suddenly they don't want to speak to me anymore because of things they heard at work from others. Leaving me with out being able to make friendships or friendly work environment. I have heard some of the things they say about me like Im a fagot, I like getting it up the ass, and hes trouble. Also I heard I go to the front office with my problems which is the furthest thing from the truth. I only had to on one occasion when I was confronted in front of many drivers in line and a driver decided to threaten me in front of them.

The harassment continues over many fronts, when I ran a small sock business on Ebay, when I got my first Chihuahua, working at the school, when I bought my SUV, my partner, and really anything I do. Why is it any business of people I work with that hate me to want to know anything about my life? Just to cause problems for me and stalk me outside of work. It was bad enough they punished me in cars that had carbon monoxide leaks that have cause problems for my lungs and head.

I heard these folks are jealous is what people told me, that is not true its that they just simply don't like gay people. As a San Francisco taxi driver, I have no one to turn to. If a person starts to speak out then you get ganged up on by everyone, which has been happening. To the extent I was told by a night dispatcher that I will get fired and he will find a way. For years the dispatcher has yelled at me in front of others making hateful comments towards me. In fact last night, I was yelled at by him. He uses the excuse that he does have pot and sometimes will call to apologize. However why should a driver be subjected to this type of activity and harassment at work whatever the reason.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

California's Workers' Comp Laws and San Francisco's Taxi Industry, A Cab Driver's Experience. By John Han

Saturday, March 5, 2011

California's Workers' Comp Laws and San Francisco's Taxi Industry, A Cab Driver's Experience. By John Han

SF Taxi Driver Dean Clark.
The following is a highlight and recap of a discussion I had with SF taxi driver Dean Clark.

Clark is a gate and gas taxi driver working night shifts at National Cab. Clark alleges that in April of 2010, his taxi was struck by another vehicle driven by an uninsured motorist at 8th St. and Minna, in which he had suffered, and still suffers from injuries unaccounted for today. Here are the highlights of the accident, and the details of what later took place with the cab company, as they have been relayed to me.

In April of 2010, Clark was driving southbound on 8th St. in the far right lane. A woman in another car was heading westbound on Minna. She attempted to crossover 8th St to get to the other side of Minna, but in doing so, struck the front driver’s side of Clarks taxi, causing the taxi to spin. Clark says that upon impact, the taxi’s seatbelt locking mechanism had failed, and that no airbags were deployed because the vehicle did not have any. Consequently, Clark’s head hit the front windshield, and as the car spun, also hit the side window, causing blurred “temporary blindness”, for several hours.

He says his legs struck the front of the cars interior causing temporary loss in the use of his legs. After being taken to General Hospital, his vision and limited use of his legs returned, although with numbness.

According to Clark’s telling of the accident, the cab company at the time, and possibly the police report, claimed that the woman had liability insurance. But after filing a claim, the insurance company said that the woman’s policy had been canceled recently because of lack of payment, and then had then been reinstated, but only after the accident occurred. Therefore, the woman’s insurance company denied the injury claim.

This led to Clark being referred to National Cab’s attorney. But Clark says the cab company’s attorney didn’t want to represent Clark in a workers’ comp claim nor defer him to another attorney. Neither did the cab company post information about California’s Workers’ Compensation laws anywhere at the company where drivers could see it.

According to Clark, after National Cab had initially delayed in filing a workers’ comp claim, and then seemingly repudiated further attempt to do so, he contacted the cab company’s insurance carrier, which he identifies as Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association (PMA), a Pennsylvania lobbying firm.

According to PMA’s website, the firm is involved in, “enacting workers’ compensation reform”, and since 1909, has been, “defending free enterprise and fighting to improve the competitiveness of Pennsylvania’s business climate.”

Clark says that when he contacted the firm, it had denied any knowledge of a policy number associated with National Cab, and that the medical bills resulting from the accident to date have gone unpaid. After that incident, Clark sought help from a private attorney and is currently being represented by that attorney.

In another matter not related to the accident, but related to Clark’s relationship to National Cab, an MRI revealed white spots in his brain. Clark says he believes it could be from long-term exposure to cab fumes.

Dean Clark…

“For the first three years or so driving for National Cab, I was placed in some of the most nastiest cabs you could ever imagine. And my clothes and everything else would smell like a sweet odor. And we’re not talking about dirty. We’re talking about some sort of odor or gas because it would make you light headed. I would have headaches sometimes for almost seven hours and would have to take Exedrin. So I started getting worried about that so I went to the doctor (Kaiser). The doctor there took three different blood tests at three different random times throughout the course of a year or two, and found that I have high carbon monoxide levels.”

According to Clark, National Cab told him his high carbon monoxide levels were the result of him being a smoker.

Going back to the accident though, he says he has been diagnosed with post concussion syndrome, three herniated discs, vision issues and others as a result. He continues to see a neurologist, and still suffers pain from the three herniated discs.

As for airbags, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) does not require taxis to be equipped with airbags, which Clark believes could have dramatically prevented the injuries. Nor does it require cab companies to carry uninsured motorist coverage in their insurance policies. But Transportation Code Division II, Article 1100 Section 1106(i) does state…

“Color Scheme Permit Holders shall comply with all applicable state laws and regulations concerning Workers’ Compensation”. (Transportation Code Division II, Article 1100 Section 1106(i))

With regards to state laws and regulations concerning Workers’ Compensation, this following excerpt is from a memorandum put out in 2008 by the former SF Taxi Commission.

"The state judicial system has affirmed that California taxi drivers are employees for purposes of workers' compensation in certain employment situations. These employment situations have included "gate and gas" drivers. Local cases making this finding include Tracy v. Yellow Cab Co-Operative, Inc. (San Francisco Superior Court No. 938786) and Yellow Cab Cooperative Inc. V. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (1991) 226 Cal.App.3d 1288. Another case on point is Santa Cruz Transportation, Inc. v. Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (1991) 235 Cal.App.3d 1363."

In the same memorandum, the former taxi commission held that San Francisco cab companies are required by State laws to purchase and maintain workers’ compensation coverage for individual taxi drivers. This excerpt cited local codes pursuant to California’s laws.

"Municipal Police Code 1147.4 provides:

All persons, firms or corporations holding taxicab color scheme permits pursuant to Section 1125(b) of this Article shall comply with all applicable state statues concerning workers' compensation and any applicable regulations adopted pursuant to those statutes. Taxicab color scheme permit holders must include a sworn statement attesting to compliance with such applicable statutes and regulations as part of an annual filing required by Section 1095 of this Article.

Rule 5.H.16 requires that "the color scheme holder must have a copy of Certificate of Worker's Compensation Insurance prominently displayed at the place of business so that it is visible to drivers." This is based on California Labor Code 3350 which requires the same posting. Notably, Labor Code 3550 administers a civil penalty of up to $7000 for failure to post the certificate. The Commission also assesses a fine of $75 for the first offense of failure to post a current certificate."

(SF Taxi Commission memorandum 2008)

“I’m fed up. You can’t treat people like this”, says Clark. He says he wants the lawmakers and the public to understand his experience. “I hope that they gain some perspective of what San Francisco taxi drivers have to go through, and how underrepresented we truly are”, he says.

“Also when it comes to looking for a lawyer, for looking for someone to represent us, we’re just underrepresented across the board. And things like that need to change.”

Clark has an attorney, and says he expects his case will eventually go to court.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency can fine a cab company for failure to comply with workers' compensation laws $45 per day for each day without insurance. (Transportation Code Division II, Article 1100 Section 1106(i) Schedule of Fines)

Seymore gets fired, I try to help him

Seymore gets fired from National. the story I was told that Seymore was driving a woman to Burlingame. While he was driving her he states the woman grabbed the wheel of the car while he was on the highway. ( I found out later that this is not true) He then decides to pull over and turn his body and lift his legs and kick her from the car calling her a "crazy white bitch". I dont know why race was added but that is a quote. After hetting to know the guy I found out how racist and discriminatory he is against whites, Mexicans and gays.

Here are some of the texts I received from him over the year!
WED Jan 5th 2:59 a.m.
I am rally do n bad but I really appreciate your concern Dean thank u

Fri Jan 7th 2:07 a.m.
Suggested price 11 students 7 gays 69

Sat Jan 8th 6:22 p.m.
Can u bring some food from Frank an Byron Im hungry

sat Jan 8th 6:24 p.m.
Not yet waiting on funding.... How about the food?

Sun Jan 9 8:55 p.m.
So listen you seem like u want to take this further u will be unemployed in 48 hours start countin

Sun Jan 9th 9:04 p.m.
I'm real serious its a done deal

Sun Jan 9 9:29 p.m.
U know i really have time to, do this but you keep pushin me and dont realize what I can do.

Sat Jan 15th 11:57 p.m.
Kind of

Sat Jan 15 11:59 p.m.
yes yes yes

Sun Jan 16th 1:51 p.m.
I can't go now im n Fairfield b back in sissy land 1 hour

Sun Jan 16th 1:54 p.m.
1 hour i would enjoy seeing u

Sun Jan 16th 2:24 p.m.
The reason i conflicted with u is that u an i are same loving people no more no less

Sun Jan 16th 2:33 p.m.
I here

Sun Jan 16th 3:13 p.m.
What time

Sun Jan 16th 3:15 p.m.
How about now

Sun Jan 16th 7:03 p.m.
Great lunch more u r a friend thank you for being my friend Dean

Mon Jan17th 4:02 p.m.
Im at MODA Museum but ill c u 2 nite

Tues Jan 18th 12:49 p.m.
Im waitin on u to call me

Fri Jan 21st 2:06 p.m.
Dont you ever give me no fag ass guilt trip i got more integrity in my finger than you have n your whole body u r a sick ass mother fucker

Fri Jan 21st 3:54 p.m.

Fri Jan 21st 4:34 p.m.
What u did in your hateful moment will definately make the newspaper we r go n to pursue this to the limit Kip hass all the Emails u ficked up u r finished in SF

Fri Jan 21st 4:34 p.m.
U started this shit Saturday maybe

Fri Jan 21st 9:15 p.m.
Later real bad hair day Dean

Fri Jan 21st 9:17 p.m.
Me and my pscho family

Sat Jan 22 4:27 p.m.
Had inner eye surgery this am feeling drugged gay ass doctor ill call later im sleepin

Sun Jan 30th 2:37 p.m.
Sorry ive been in VA hospital Redwood city call u tomorrow if i make thr night. Saw PHILADELPHIA powerful movie

Tues Feb 1st 9:44 p.m.
Im just out of redwood City VA hospital if u can pick me up at CAL TRAIN AT 1001 I will pay u RSVP

Tues Feb 1 10:46 p.m.

Mon Feb 7 3:26 p.m.
I am done with dean racist clark

Mon Feb 7 5:06p.m.
I was sitting n Vertigo when u came n with your lies. GIRLFRIEND IN NOVATO they, the truth about youracism as will National in the morning

Mon Feb 21st 4:57 p.m.
Dont get shit twisted I will be filing charges in SF Civil court on a number of charges on tuesday. See u n court asshole.

Mon Feb 21st 11:51 a.m.
By my reords i show that you still owe me 160.00 in wages for the year ending 2010 if not received imme I must complaint w election board Feb 22

Mon Feb 21st 11:57 p.m.
I will also file a motion with National Taxi since i was working out of its vehicles. ITS THE LAW. IM DO N THAT TODAY. U NEED PAY PEOPLE

Mon Feb 21st 12:37 p.m.
I have also emailed my non pay record to the CHRONICLE INSIDER column. They know u/ The story should be n issue Feb 27 on SF GATE Feb 26. Im not the dumb nigga yo

Mon Feb 21st 12:41 p.m.
Im go n MTA to file a racial discrimination case based on your statements. U do not deserve to have a badge. Not n my city

As you can see from some of the actual texts I got from him. either he is two cards short of a full deck or very racist against me because of who I am.

I have had a lot of these types of situation at the cab company after they found out I was gay and have a partner. I was also threatened about my partner from anti gay folks at the garage.

Damage to Private Vehicles at National Cab Lot

Over the years at National Cab Company many people who work there have experienced damage to their vehicles.

Some have reported that someone keys the side of their cars, many have reported dents in their cars both on the private lot and off the lot. It does not do any good to report it to management because it would be work to look up the videos to see who has done it.

I too have had my share of incidents where my private owned vehicle has been damaged. While working at Arrow Cab Company someone carved kill you in my front bumper. When I have issues with Shane who called me a a faggot at work and sdaid that no fagots would vote for me while I ran for district 6 supervisor. Michael Estrada who attacked me when I was in line at the cab company for no apparent reason except he did call me a fagot as well. I noticed damage to a new vehicle I purchased. When it was reported to the company I was told cant you girls just get a long.

I got shot at in my San Francisco Taxi

In August 2007, I was dropping of a customer at Sierra and Missouri Streets that I picked up in the Mission. I proceeded to go up Missouri street southbound where there is a side street before entering the projects. I decided to do a three point turn. As I backed into the little street a black SUV came flying out of the projects and started shooting at me (seven Shots). I did an emergency dispatch to the dispatcher and got no response. I dispatched in about three times before getting a response. Unfortunately the response was what do you want. I told Frank I was shot at and the location. Silence was over the air. I kept trying to reach the dispatcher with no response from him. I than hit the accelerator and got out of there after noticing there were no bullets in the windshield and I was not bleeding.

I started to drive around in a daze with tears in my eyes. I somehow ended up around 25th and Folsom. Could not really tell you how I got there but I was in so much shock. I then got a call from the 911 dispatcher (this was about 30 minutes after the incident.) the 911 dispatcher asked me where I was at and I could not tell her, she asked me to look at the signs at one of the street corners which I did and was able to respond to her. She asked me if I was alright to drive back to the scene where officers had responded to calls from neighbors and not our dispatcher from our company. One of the neighbors got my cab number off the side of the cab and phone number. I found out later it was the customer who I had given a card to with my phone number who had heard the shots and gave it to police.

I got back to the scene where there were several officers. I met with an officer at 20th and Missouri who tried to tell me the shots I heard might have been from a pellet gun. I assured her they were not. While we were on the top of the hill I looked down where I seen cops looking for bullets or something on the ground. I asked her if she could tell the one cop that was near the location of where the shots were fired to move to the left and down a little. When the officer did that he radioed he found shells that look like they came from a 45. He placed them in a rubber glove came up the hill and then shook them in front of the other officer, which sorry but it made me cry.

At this point the officer asked me to take her to the apartment complex just down the street on Missouri where I dropped the customer off. I did, the officers were able to get inside and knocked on all the doors until hey found the man I gave a ride to. I was waiting outside with two officers. The officers brought the guy outside and told me they dont think he was setting me up for a robbery. I spoke to the guy for a little bit and as we spoke.... More hosts rang out a few blocks away. The officer next to me said stay here with her and two of the cop cars sped off in the direction of the shots.

I stayed for a little while longer with the officer until they gave me the all clear to leave.

I never heard from officers nor detectives regarding this incident ever again. I am not sure they followed up on it.

Called Puta at work

Saturday I was driving down mission street when I got to 30 the mission stop light. Another driver from the National Cab Company (ROB) pulls up on the side of me and calls me a Puta with no laughter after wards. Rob was concerned months ago that I was carrying a recording device to work to capture the harassment I was getting while at work. Most people would simply stop harassing me abut apparently not this guy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

San Francisco Taxi Drivers Income may be Reduced

I just read a disturbing article written in San Francisco Business Times that a newly elected Supervisor wants to legislate more cabs on the streets of San Francisco to cover supply and demand. The article is located at this URL:

San Franciscans I don’t understand the oversight on our San Francisco Taxi Drivers.

Currently most cab companies do not carry uninsured motorist coverage for their taxis and are not required to by the city. In addition there in no car insurance coverage for the drivers who drive a cab in the city of San Francisco.

In addition did you know that air bags are not required to be replaced in a taxi after the car has been in a prior accident?

I am aware of this dilemma for taxi drivers because I was driving a car last April 2010 when and uninsured motorist and I collided at the intersection of 8th and Minna. At the scene of the accident I lost my vision temporarily and lost the use of my legs for several hours. My injuries were many because there was no air bag in the taxi to break my head and body from the dashboard or window. I really would have hoped the seat belt I was wearing would have kept me steady, but the seat belt locking mechanism broke. What safety checks are in place to make sure the cars the taxi drivers drive and passengers ride in our safe for the public? I was taken to San Francisco general Hospital where I finally regained the use of my legs and vision luckily. I have been driving a cab for several years and was told when I started by the driving instructor that we are covered by insurance in the event of an accident that is not our fault and that cab companies carry uninsured motorist coverage. Boy was I lied to. The driver of the other vehicle who did not stop or apparently look to see if cars were coming entered into 8th street from Minna making contact in my right corner of my taxi. I found out days later she was uninsured.

This is when I found out that cab companies no longer have to insure the driver behind the wheel (no insurance? What in San Francisco) and to the companies benefit no uninsured motorist either. I was then told by a San Francisco Licensed attorney that cab companies are required to carry Workers Compensation Insurance to cover the driver in the taxi. It has been a year and I still get calls that the bills have not been paid by the Workers Compensation Insurance carrier. Do I really have Workers Compensation Coverage, I wonder.

My point is this San Francisco, we hear at City Hall that we need to protect the jobs of our city workers and their benefits and pensions. What about the thousands of cab drivers in San Francisco who do not have health insurance, no retirement, not insured by taxi companies while driving, no uninsured motorist coverage and apparently no legislation to enforce that an air bag is in place while driving a cab. I did bring this to the attention of the SFMTA Taxi Division. I was told that currently their is no legislation in the city to carry other than simple liability insurance for the taxis and that their is no legislation to require air bags be replaced after a taxi has been in a prior accident.

My message to the board of supervisors and the city of San Francisco is that can we pass some legislation that protects the people and their families who drive in the city of San Francisco? and why do we keep taking money from these already poor drivers who serve our community. I understand that MUNI is broke, but why are we trying to take money from taxi drivers who have nothing and give to the MUNI operations?

Please throw the taxi drivers and the public a bone and legislate something we all would benefit from car insurance for the drivers and uninsured motorist coverage. Also lets legislate that we must have an air bag in taxis, imagine if I would have had a family in my car at the time of the accident, we need safety in our San Francisco Taxi Cabs!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jane Kims Office Public Safety Issues

I have contacted the supervisor elect Jane Kim's office. This is my second attempt, I walked in last week and requested a meeting time to discuss public safety issues (airbags and seat belts in taxis). In addition the lack of car insurance and uninsured motorist with taxi companies.

Meet and Greets receive oposition

I have been holding meet and greets in San Francisco and been getting opposition on basically just trying to build community in San Francisco. Drivers and dispatchers alike are interfering with my parties I throw at various places around the city. Tee Off, Mayes are just a few. There is a group of drivers who consistently over the years of driving who have interfered with my pursuit of happiness. To include teaching, business, and now the meet and greets.

No sick Day for San Francisco Taxi Cab Drivers

While a taxi driver may get injured in an accident, they can not get sick days unless a doctor gives them a note not to drive. If they don't have a note than they could be assessed to pay their gate fees of approximately 100 per day while they are sick. Which would have to be paid when they come back to work.
I posted Concerns on the following website regarding Scott Weiners idea to pass legislation regarding more taxis on the street.

In addition my understanding is that cab companies are not required to replace air bags once deployed. I am aware of this because I was driving a cab when the air bag did not deploy, and was told because there was no air bag in the vehicle. Its great to assess the taxis as a revenue source to help with the failing MUNI but what about public safety?
I am not saying we don't need cabs, but we should look at making sure we are all covered by insurance when we get into a cab including the driver. There are people driving these cabs who have real families and have to pay bills. With no uninsured motorist nor car insurance behind the wheel. One accident could wipe them out financially.

I find it amazing in San Francisco where everyone seems to be concerned about keeping individuals employed at 100,000 a year. We care nothing about the people who are making 25,000 a year and want to reduce their income even more even though there is no health care or retirement for them.

Read more: S.F. supervisor wants more taxis available during rush hour | San Francisco Business Times

This to me sounds like a selfish move seeing that most taxi companies currently do not carry uninsured motorist coverage for the drivers nor insure a taxi driver behind the wheel when working. There are currently no safety nets regarding taxi drivers at work. In fact Workers Compensation is suppose to be provided for drivers and in most cases is not. I would think the board of supervisors and the public would be more concerned about issues such as mentioned, seeing that we do live in what is suppose to be a progressive city.

In addition there are no health benefits or retirement for the drivers.

Should we not be looking at addressing some of these concerns. I understand that the city needs money to help out MUNI. But what about the poor drivers who serve the community, making less money. If the drivers bring in less money, how are they to pay for health care for their own families.

In addition, we already have a traffic issue in San Francisco, and adding 200 more cars to the streets would only lead to more traffic congestion.


Today I go into work and a dispatcher at the company says I look like crap. I should consider working less hours. I drive full time like many drivers. I only look like crap because I am still recovering from an injury accident I was involved in last April.