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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ganged up on at work as San Francisco Taxi Driver

Over the years of working for this cab company. I have felt ganged up on in many ways.

While employed as a teacher and going to school for my Masters and credential. I had experienced lots of comments coming over the dispatch radio about my teaching and the disapproval of a gay man teaching in public schools. In addition, many drivers including dispatch engaged in obtaining information of where I worked and tried to be buddy buddy with me to get the information. Needless to say I am not working for the District anymore and even tried to work at a couple more schools after. As soon as I was able to find another job at a school. People who work at the cab company wanted to know the name of the school and the location. As soon as the others found out I started to have problems at those new schools. Is it coincidence or harassment?

It does appear as many at work do not like me and in fact hate me. That is why I have experienced attacks by other workers and including damage to my own vehicle. Everything was fine at the company until they found out I was gay which I never disclosed. I don't understand why professionalism can not be practiced by others I work with instead of threats, and damage to my vehicle. Why they choose to speak about someone they hate to others is very immature and has expanded the hate towards me at work to the extent that there is no one at work I can really talk to. I am being watched and noticed when new drivers begin to work at the company and I am seen speaking with them, others who hate me take note and make it a point to speak to them. The conversations will be going along fine for a couple of times and then suddenly they don't want to speak to me anymore because of things they heard at work from others. Leaving me with out being able to make friendships or friendly work environment. I have heard some of the things they say about me like Im a fagot, I like getting it up the ass, and hes trouble. Also I heard I go to the front office with my problems which is the furthest thing from the truth. I only had to on one occasion when I was confronted in front of many drivers in line and a driver decided to threaten me in front of them.

The harassment continues over many fronts, when I ran a small sock business on Ebay, when I got my first Chihuahua, working at the school, when I bought my SUV, my partner, and really anything I do. Why is it any business of people I work with that hate me to want to know anything about my life? Just to cause problems for me and stalk me outside of work. It was bad enough they punished me in cars that had carbon monoxide leaks that have cause problems for my lungs and head.

I heard these folks are jealous is what people told me, that is not true its that they just simply don't like gay people. As a San Francisco taxi driver, I have no one to turn to. If a person starts to speak out then you get ganged up on by everyone, which has been happening. To the extent I was told by a night dispatcher that I will get fired and he will find a way. For years the dispatcher has yelled at me in front of others making hateful comments towards me. In fact last night, I was yelled at by him. He uses the excuse that he does have pot and sometimes will call to apologize. However why should a driver be subjected to this type of activity and harassment at work whatever the reason.

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  1. I forgot to add when I ran for District 6 Supervisor a few drivers said they wanted to get together and interfere with my election and campaigning. Which they did. The hate is so terrible towards me at this company that I am concerned one day I could end up seriously hurt or even dead.