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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Damage to Private Vehicles at National Cab Lot

Over the years at National Cab Company many people who work there have experienced damage to their vehicles.

Some have reported that someone keys the side of their cars, many have reported dents in their cars both on the private lot and off the lot. It does not do any good to report it to management because it would be work to look up the videos to see who has done it.

I too have had my share of incidents where my private owned vehicle has been damaged. While working at Arrow Cab Company someone carved kill you in my front bumper. When I have issues with Shane who called me a a faggot at work and sdaid that no fagots would vote for me while I ran for district 6 supervisor. Michael Estrada who attacked me when I was in line at the cab company for no apparent reason except he did call me a fagot as well. I noticed damage to a new vehicle I purchased. When it was reported to the company I was told cant you girls just get a long.

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