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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Pains are Getting worst from an accident involving a San Francisco Taxi

As many of you know I was driving a taxi last year in April when at the intersection of Minna and 8th street. A car crossing 8th street never stopped or yielded and we made contact at my left corner of my car causing my Taxi to spin. The woman was uninsured and the cab company I work for did not have any uninsured motorist coverage. After almost a year I still am suffering from the injuries occurred at the time of the accident because the workers compensation carrier has been denying all sorts of treatment for my injuries.

Several doctors have requested an MRI of my back, where expected spinal damage could be. My right knee cap is getting worst every day with pain. The Sciatica sometimes cause my legs not to operate in the morning, where I cant even get up out of bed.

My head which hit the front of the cab and the side window because no air bag deployed at the time of the accident and the seat belt locking mechanism broke has been very troublesome for me. One MRI showed white spots of the brain, but the doctor did not want to investigate it any further.

I wonder how much longer I can hold out working with so much pain. Of course I could take pain pills but I drive a taxi and don't think its a great idea because of the side effects of the pain killers. I simply wish those involved helping with this case would have seen I need some time off to heal, but to this date I have only had about two weeks off of work. I still did not receive my initial workers compensation check from my time off.

If you have any suggestions or a possible personal injury lawyer who might help please have them call me at 415-240-2433 or email me at

Dean Clark

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