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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I posted Concerns on the following website regarding Scott Weiners idea to pass legislation regarding more taxis on the street.

In addition my understanding is that cab companies are not required to replace air bags once deployed. I am aware of this because I was driving a cab when the air bag did not deploy, and was told because there was no air bag in the vehicle. Its great to assess the taxis as a revenue source to help with the failing MUNI but what about public safety?
I am not saying we don't need cabs, but we should look at making sure we are all covered by insurance when we get into a cab including the driver. There are people driving these cabs who have real families and have to pay bills. With no uninsured motorist nor car insurance behind the wheel. One accident could wipe them out financially.

I find it amazing in San Francisco where everyone seems to be concerned about keeping individuals employed at 100,000 a year. We care nothing about the people who are making 25,000 a year and want to reduce their income even more even though there is no health care or retirement for them.

Read more: S.F. supervisor wants more taxis available during rush hour | San Francisco Business Times

This to me sounds like a selfish move seeing that most taxi companies currently do not carry uninsured motorist coverage for the drivers nor insure a taxi driver behind the wheel when working. There are currently no safety nets regarding taxi drivers at work. In fact Workers Compensation is suppose to be provided for drivers and in most cases is not. I would think the board of supervisors and the public would be more concerned about issues such as mentioned, seeing that we do live in what is suppose to be a progressive city.

In addition there are no health benefits or retirement for the drivers.

Should we not be looking at addressing some of these concerns. I understand that the city needs money to help out MUNI. But what about the poor drivers who serve the community, making less money. If the drivers bring in less money, how are they to pay for health care for their own families.

In addition, we already have a traffic issue in San Francisco, and adding 200 more cars to the streets would only lead to more traffic congestion.

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