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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jane Kims Office Public Safety Issues

I have contacted the supervisor elect Jane Kim's office. This is my second attempt, I walked in last week and requested a meeting time to discuss public safety issues (airbags and seat belts in taxis). In addition the lack of car insurance and uninsured motorist with taxi companies.


  1. I sent another email yesterday after getting an email response.

  2. finally got a response to come in and speak with an assistant not with Jane. I guess this could be used to say she never heard anything about my issues, very clever.

  3. John and I met with Jane Kims office, disappointed that the issue was not important enough to hear from Jane Kim herself. We spoke with Viva from Jane Kims office, she did not take many notes though she had a notepad and pen. She had to keep jumping back in forth with distractions while we met.