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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I got shot at in my San Francisco Taxi

In August 2007, I was dropping of a customer at Sierra and Missouri Streets that I picked up in the Mission. I proceeded to go up Missouri street southbound where there is a side street before entering the projects. I decided to do a three point turn. As I backed into the little street a black SUV came flying out of the projects and started shooting at me (seven Shots). I did an emergency dispatch to the dispatcher and got no response. I dispatched in about three times before getting a response. Unfortunately the response was what do you want. I told Frank I was shot at and the location. Silence was over the air. I kept trying to reach the dispatcher with no response from him. I than hit the accelerator and got out of there after noticing there were no bullets in the windshield and I was not bleeding.

I started to drive around in a daze with tears in my eyes. I somehow ended up around 25th and Folsom. Could not really tell you how I got there but I was in so much shock. I then got a call from the 911 dispatcher (this was about 30 minutes after the incident.) the 911 dispatcher asked me where I was at and I could not tell her, she asked me to look at the signs at one of the street corners which I did and was able to respond to her. She asked me if I was alright to drive back to the scene where officers had responded to calls from neighbors and not our dispatcher from our company. One of the neighbors got my cab number off the side of the cab and phone number. I found out later it was the customer who I had given a card to with my phone number who had heard the shots and gave it to police.

I got back to the scene where there were several officers. I met with an officer at 20th and Missouri who tried to tell me the shots I heard might have been from a pellet gun. I assured her they were not. While we were on the top of the hill I looked down where I seen cops looking for bullets or something on the ground. I asked her if she could tell the one cop that was near the location of where the shots were fired to move to the left and down a little. When the officer did that he radioed he found shells that look like they came from a 45. He placed them in a rubber glove came up the hill and then shook them in front of the other officer, which sorry but it made me cry.

At this point the officer asked me to take her to the apartment complex just down the street on Missouri where I dropped the customer off. I did, the officers were able to get inside and knocked on all the doors until hey found the man I gave a ride to. I was waiting outside with two officers. The officers brought the guy outside and told me they dont think he was setting me up for a robbery. I spoke to the guy for a little bit and as we spoke.... More hosts rang out a few blocks away. The officer next to me said stay here with her and two of the cop cars sped off in the direction of the shots.

I stayed for a little while longer with the officer until they gave me the all clear to leave.

I never heard from officers nor detectives regarding this incident ever again. I am not sure they followed up on it.

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  1. I was never asked how I was doing from anybody at the company after the shooting. No one seemed to care I experienced this awful event.