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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday September 24th, 2011

I came into work tonight and was given a spare cab Veterans 2402 from Dugan the day dispatcher. Than Dugan told me Veterans 216 was ready to take that instead. I drove 216 out of the drioveway and it stalled 5 times by the time I got to Mckinnon street. I turned the cab around and brought it back to Dugan and asked for a spare. Dugan than gave me Veterans 2402 again. I drove the car for most of the night and kept smelling a sweet odor which may have been carbon monoxide. Jesus the general manager was told about the sedans and that it hurts my back even more to drive a sedan. I asked him for a reasonable accommodation. Jesus's response "what are you fucking nuts" and started laughing at me. Around 3:30 I was dropping off a young lady up by 24th and Grandview when I started to smell the odor even stronger, to the point it was making my chest burn and my head dizzy. I radioed in to Frank at the Cab Company that I needed a tow truck. Frank told me that I need to drive the fucking car to the garage. I explained to him it was burning and we seen smoke coming from underneath the car.

I did drive the car in fear that it may start a blaze like some other crown vics have done over the years. When I got to the garage I asked for a repair slip form to fill out for the mechanics. I was refused one and instead Frank started yelling at me that I am trouble opening a workers compensation claim and now complaining about the cars, he will get rid of me.

I came home and washed off my face where alot of black soot came off my face onto the towel. I can only imagine how much of this got into my lungs. I was forced to use cars like this for years and now that I asked to go off of work now the retaliation continues.

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