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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Called National Cab Company for a Taxi Tonight

I called National Cab Company for a taxi tonight and Mike picked up the phone and told me a cab would be there soon. I did not get a call back so I called back in about ten minutes. Mike started to yell at me calling me a mother f*(cker, etc. Claims he called me and left a message. I never got a call from Mike that a cab was downstairs. I do not believe a cab ever showed up.

This is a prime example of dispatch service. The dispatch service foes not care whether they get you a cab or not because there is no incentive. Customers are treated like crap and there is no recourse for these actions. The cab company already gets there money from the driver, so they dont care if people call or not. The SFMTA if this is reported will more than likely do nothing using the excuse that the cab companies are privately owned and they have no say.

Computerized centralized dispatch would be handy, because than we dont have to deal with incompetent or socially inept people to get a cab delivered to your door.

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  1. A spoke to the general manager about this and the fact that I could not go out on last Friday to work. He told me the are rotating shifts because they don't have enough cabs. When I talked to other drivers they told me it was because I was in the accident and open a Workers Compensation Claim.