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Friday, April 8, 2011

Trying to work on Friday night

I have been working for two years now on Friday nights. I am now being told that they dont have the cars to place everyone out to work. I personally think it is a personal attack on me because of needing a workers compensation claim for my injuries in an accident.

At about 11:00 a.m. today I got a call from the general manager telling me to call Mike and get on the list for the night. I tried two times and got hung up on both times. I was at the doctors that was nearby and figured I would stop in to see what the issue is. I asked Mike do I take enough radio calls and he said yes. I said what is the problem then and he said they lost one medallion. Jesus just told me two days ago that Mike should rotate the drivers.

I called Jesus after my visit and he told me that Medallion 446 is being sent back to the city and they were losing it. I drive 446 on Thursdays.

Everyday I get more upset over our government not helping people who get discriminated against because of a disability. These same government workers are so concerned over their own pensions and wages and can not understand why the public is losing interest in assisting them. Well they don't seem to be helping anyone else.

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