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Monday, April 4, 2011

Strange Passenger

Tonight around 1:00 a.m. I picked up a passenger at 26th and Mission. A relative young Latino male who got in and asked me to take him to 16th and Valencia. In route I noticed the passenger fell asleep, when we got to the destination I said "here we are 16th and Valencia". He responded that he wanted to go to 16th and Valencia. I said "that's where we are at", then he said I want to go to 16th and Mission, we went there, then he said he wanted to go to 15th ans South Van Ness. In route to his third destination I felt uncomfortable thinking he was looking for an intersection where no one would be around. Seeing that I have been robbed several times driving a San Francisco Taxi Cab. The thought of being robbed again was in the for front of my mind, so I decided to call the night dispatcher Mike on the phone. I emphasized that I was at 15th and South Van Ness and felt uncomfortable. Mike the dispatcher hung up the phone on me.

When I first started driving a cab for National I was told if you have a problem or concern to call in and not make sense. Which I was trying to hint to Mike on the phone but he did not get it, or as he says simply does not care. I am paying 100 for rent of the car which includes dispatch service. My understanding when I first started that dispatch service included in case of an emergency. Not that this was a complete emergency and thank god nothing ended up happening to me tonight, but I think the dispatcher should have asked are you in danger or some sort of trouble.

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