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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Defective San Francisco Taxi Equipment

Tonight I had the opportunity to drive a cab with out a two way radio. A two way radio is used to dispatch calls from the company to the taxi's. In San Francisco we are required to take one radio call per hour if available. The radio was done for about 3/4 of my shift.

I called into dispatch tonight to tell the dispatcher about the radio. At least tonight I was not called faggot or any other racist comment like usual. I was told I could bring the cab in and pick up a spare which are smelly and usually make me sick. I decided to keep the cab though I did not have dispatch service. I thought I would get some consideration, meaning some money of my rental of the car which includes dispatching service. Well of course not, no consideration for a defective taxi in this industry and of course no one to report it to either without getting into trouble.

The public wonders why it is so hard to find a cab in San Francisco. Well I was one with out the ability to take radio calls from customers.

I really wish with all the money the SFMTA gets from the taxi industry that they would do some checking on the vehicles, or at least have a line where we can report the cars that are not functioning correctly.

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