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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Passenger from 532 Cole

I accepted a call from dispatch tonight and traveled to it from Fell and Franklin. When I got to the location a Yellow cab was there as well, and when I asked the driver he said he was there for the same person. I told the dispatcher about this. The passenger never came out after about ten minutes. When dispatch called the person they got no answer and told me to go.

About 10 minutes later, the passenger called again. I said I would go back to the address because I was over at Post and Baker. When I arrived, I waited for about ten more minutes and the dispatcher called again and still no passenger.

I decided to go after being told to do so. Then the passenger called a third time. I was a block away so I went. As I pulled up a Desoto cab was coming to the same order. The Desoto driver told me go ahead and take it. She came down with her friend. I had to ask so I did what happened. She told me her phone was not working and could not get calls. She told me the dispatcher never called her. She got a little upset with me. I mentioned to her I ask because I have been to the apartment three times for a total of about 25 minutes of my night. She told me she did not care and did not even apologize for my wait time. Then continued to tell me about customer service. I was felling very uncomfortable, I almost kicked her out of the cab. I tried to phone into Byron, the first time he answered and I tried to tell him the situation. Byron did not want to hear it and would take care of me later. I called back a second time and Byron would not even answer the phone.

When I got to the garage, I finally was able to tell him the whole story including no tip, and the passenger thought I was abrasive. I am amazed we are required to take radio calls, even if they waste our time and are promised to be taken care of which the dispatcher did not. This is a good example of how the dispatch service does not care about the driver or passengers because the cab company gets their money no matter what.

The passenger called three different companies and made me come back three times and waste 25 minutes of my shift. The dispatch could not even give me what is called a bonus load which is 10 off my gate.

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