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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cary at National

Tonight when I came in from work Frank the night dispatcher told Cary I called him incompetent. I never called Cary Incompetent. Frank told me months ago he would get my Friday shifts removed from me, which has now started. Unfortunately I can not go to management because in the San Francisco taxi industry nobody listens to the cab driver. Plus Jesus said he does not want to hear about it. In fact now he claims that I might lose my Thursdays. Cary inferred tonight that I would not be able to work on Fridays and made mention of I talk bad about Mike, him and everyone else. When I tried to communicate with him he would not listen and only felt that he should talk. Cary is a pretty bright person and was very helpful to me when the accident occurred last year. I have always respected him for the help when no one else at the company cared when I was injured after the accident. It bothers me that Cary did not listen because even Frank wavered and said I might have said he was incompetent in math. These games cost drivers their shifts and money they need to live. A guy named Smitty was present when these things were being discussed. Jesus has taking the away the shifts even though I take a lot of radio calls. Radio calls have been over the last two years the criteria that allowed me to work on fridays. The rumor of I said something about Mike comes from a guy named Colin, a big pot smoker and one I would truly call incompetent as a human being.

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